Training in surface finishing with application of oil, soap and wax

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Surface finishing represents applying materials, such as: natural oils, soaps, wax, and varnish on the wood surface. The above-mentioned finishing materials are compatible i.e. they can be applied together on the surface in question. Applying these materials on dry wood results in the following benefits:

Longer life span;

Preserving the natural look;

Improved esthetic effects by adjusting the colors, emphasizing the texture, etc.

Before starting a finishing process, it is necessary to carry out technological wood surface preparation for the purpose of such finishing. The technological wood surface preparation involves grinding, polishing and buffing of the surfaces to be treated with the finishing materials. The technological wood surface preparation itself depends on the protective material used, or on the intended use of the product treated.

For the purpose of better understanding of the subject matter, it is necessary to emphasize the difference between oil application and varnishing the surface in question. By applying oil on the wood, we manage to preserve it natural look and all of its esthetic features under the slogan: Wood Remains Wood. However, by applying oil, the wood will not be protected against atmospheric influences, such as humidity that directly causes stretching and shrinking of the wood. This disadvantage in applying an oil finish is taken into consideration when designing and developing the component in question.

By applying varnish as a finishing material, we lose natural look of the wood, at the same time, eliminating the influence of humidity on the wood features. However, varnish application makes repairing and maintenance more difficult.

Choosing the finishing materials (or combinations thereof) to be applied depends on the product being treated or on the conditions in which such a product will be used in its further exploitation.

The program of theoretical and practical training in surface finishing by using natural materials without environmentally hazardous ingredients is implemented by qualified lecturers and the course lasts 4 days for a group of 15 students.

This type of education is offered to all small and medium enterprises from the region and B&H expressing need for this type of services.