About Us

ARTECO Wood Technology Center d.o.o. Tešanj was established in January 2009 by the company ARTISAN d.o.o. Tešanj in cooperation with the Excellence in Innovation (EI) Project. The mission of ARTECO is to become a unique, lieder-oriented and self-sustainable technology wood industry center.


Wood processing industry represents a leading industrial sector in which Bosnia and Herzegovina has achieved positive trade balance. Although unfinished wood products dominate in the wood industry export composition, there is an evident growth in exports of furniture and other value-added products within the overall production composition.
A prerequisite for a significant growth and development of this industry is introducing contemporary CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems to the operations of B&H wood companies and a continuous personnel training program aiming at acquiring specialized knowledge and skills.

ARTECO's activities are directed towards providing services in the areas of design, creating of prototypes, operations with 5-axis CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines, wood processing machines, finishing, preparation, timber drying, assistance in exporting final wood products, training in using technical documentation, etc.

These are exactly the focal points in which the B&H wood and furniture industry falls far behind the international competitors. Without improving the situation in this area, domestic wood processing companies will not be able to make any significant penetration to the foreign markets and increase production growth rates in the area of value-added wood products.

Through its work, ARTECO promotes establishing a recognizable brand of Made in B&H furniture. 

In implementing the set objectives, ARTECO cooperates with institutions of higher education (Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Art Academy) and similar organizations operating in the region and beyond.

Our slogan is Design and Wood Technology  One-Stop Shop, and therefore, visit us as soon as possible so that we can jointly create a better environment for wood and furniture industry development.

The training programs and services offered by ARTECO are based on actual models of applying new technologies and scientific knowledge in the real working conditions of a wood processing company.